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outofcredit.mobi - free text messaging

Free SMS:

Outofcredit.mobi is an absolutely free sms messaging service.

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Send free text messages.
Send free SMS
from the computer.

You can send free text messages from this website to almost anywhere in the world.

You don't need to send text messages from your phone anymore; do it online!

If you're at school or work, this site will allow you to send free sms.
Free SMS

Premium SMS:

Outofcredit.mobi/sms gives you the freedom to send instant SMS messages from your own Premium account, any time you like! You can preview your messages on screen as you type.

There are NO CONTRACTS! NO WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTIONS! You simply purchase your credits to start sending your text messages from your computer with an Internet connection, even a wireless connection...

Who can use the PREMIUM SMS solution?

Premium account is great for individuals, sporting clubs and other associations, real estate sales people, schools, doctors, dentists, optometrists, parents, children (with parents/guardians' permission), elderly people who don't have a mobile phone. There are many applications - can you think of some more?
Premium SMS

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